A key part of our business model is saving you money by shipping within Canada. Beyond a modest discount which we pass on to the customer, we unfortunately have no say over postage rates. Canadian Craft Imports uses Canada Post for all shipments. We find they are consistently far more affordable than private couriers. However, costs can still be significant. At no time do we charge handling fees, or mark up postage for profit.

All Canadian Craft Import products are shipped from Vancouver Island BC. Depending on which part of the country you call home, you may be charged higher rates by Canada Post. These rates are determined by several factors, including the weight of your order, the size of the box, and the geographical zone in which you live. We will always pack your order into the smallest box available.

We are yet to find the "sweet spot" for order size vs shipping cost. On small orders in the $50 range, shipping represents a larger portion of total cost than on a larger order in the $200 range, so we recommend placing larger orders further apart rather than several small orders. Very large orders upwards of $500 can sometimes result in an undercharge for postage, leaving us to make up the difference. It is our official policy in this case not to ask for additional payment, as our way of saying thank you for your business.

We hope this window into the workings of our business is helpful to you, and as always, you can reach Sue at for further questions.

Happy Crafting!

CCI Team, 2019